Do you have plans to visit Iran?

Do you have plans to visit Iran?

We help you to have special experience in Iran, we make your trip to Iran easy and friendly. Our mission is to let tourists know the real Iran and make them feel like home in a responsible and sustainable manner.

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Prayer on University Shahid Beheshti University's campus I think my experience in Iran has been slightly different from that of a traveller, as I went
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Irandestina team

Shamim, Maryam, and Parastoo met each other at the university, when we were passing master of tourism management course. Years of friendship and traveling made us closer to each other. And one day we decided to share this wonderful feeling with others. The result is “Irandestina” group. Irandestina is the space to experience the good filling of traveling. Friendly, creative and adventurous trips with respect to the environment and the lives of host communities.