Every country has an unknown destination. With the search on the internet, you never find them. Most tour operators are not eager to organize uncommon tours. Sometimes backpackers can reach these places but not always. Hitchhikers also have this chance to see more unfamous locations but it’s not as easy as it seems. Irandestina group consist of travelers, tour leader, backpacker, hitchhiker, local guide and all people with all skills a person needs to travel to an unknown destination. We share this ability with you.

Types of trips:

Cultural tourism

Rural tourism Ecotourism

Farm tourism

P.n. in all kind of trips we can stay with the host community in their house, trying their local clothes, participate in their ceremony and etc.

When: depends on you

Where: non-touristic destinations

Cost: count after planning the trip

How: just reserve now

By the way, if you like ordinary tour in usual route, we can advise you and of course, make a plan for you and lead you. Don’t worry just send us an email.