We, Irandestina group, live in Tehran, so we decide to introduce Tehran differently for tourists. If you like to know how we spend our days in Tehran join us.

Weekly events:

Multicultural Gathering

Is having friendly conversation about our lives, trips, countries, culture, foods and etc. If that is one your goals in your trip, multicultural gathering is a great choice for you.  Sometimes it’s hard to find people who knows English (or your mother tongue language) to start a wonderful gathering with local people or other travelers. We can share this experience with you.

When: every Saturday from 17 to 19

Where: Baccara Café

Entrance fee: $2 (food and beverages price is not included)

 How to join: just reserve now!

Food Tours

Have you ever known, the way Iranian cook is one of the oldest ones in the world? Did you know that the diversity of Iranian food is so much that it’s not possible for Iranians to try all of them in their entire life? If you want to try some of these foods or more, cook them and have the recipes, take a journey with Negin, the local chef and Irandestina team.

When: every sunday from 9 to 16

Where: Tajrish Bazzar and ordinary house there

Entrance fee: $30 (Tajrish Bazzar Tour, eating Ash in Bazzar, material for cooking, lunch and tea price is included)

How to join: just reserve now!

Street Walk

Some tourists walk the streets in  cities their travel to. This way gives them tangible savvy of the destination. They find answer for these kind of questions such as how people go to work, where they go for spending pastime, what they put on and etc. We enjoy to deliver this kind of dissimilar city tour with you.

When: every Thursday from 10 to 17

Where: where ever you like

Fee: $10 (food and beverages price is not included)

 How to join: just reserve now!