Visa to Iran : On Arrival and E-Visa

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Recently for Iran tourism sector improvement , the visa process gets easier as you can get Visa on arrival for 30 days stays validity. Also it can be issued as a paper sticker or stamp if you concern getting trouble for your future USA visa you can ask for a sticker on your passport. We suggest you apply for the online visa to avoid any problem in advance. Over 65 countries can take Visa on Arrival. You need one Blank page for entry sticker or stamp. Entering Iran doesn’t need any vaccinations.

So first of all i will tell you whatever you need to know about… 


on arrival visa
On arrival visa

You can just get your visa on arrival in these international airports there is no visa on arrival on land borders: 
(if you are crossing land borders apply for E- visa,)

  • Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport
  • Tehran Mehrabad Airport
  • Shiraz Airport
  • Esfahan Airport
  • Mashad Airport
  • Tabriz  Airport

You need Valid passport, at least 6 months validity until departure.

Your travel itinerary  , your first few nights hotel reservation  in a known hotel or hostel. Ask your hotel or hostel to give a confirmation letter. Have it printed with yourself.

Medical and travel insurance for the period of your travel in Iran. Make sure write” Islamic Republic of Iran “ in the insurance form.

Passport photo.

Proof of funds that you can spend in your trip. Showing cash worth around 1000 USD $ is enough.

You need to pay visa fee  in cash, only Euros or USD.

How much does the Iran visa costs? It is 75 Euros for all nationalities , only for Australians  the cost is 145 Euros.  but check it before your arrival.

Sometimes they don’t ask for any proof, sometimes they ask. So it is better to have those items with you in a printed paper, not on phone.

SO Important. Notice if your passport is from USA,UK  or Canada you must be on a tour with a licensed agency and the agency can help you with  your visa, you can not get a visa on arrival or individually an E-Visa.

Visa Duration is for 30 days and can be extended for another 30 days easily, for an extension you should visit the immigration office in Iran.

So next option for getting visa is the….

Iran E- Visa  or Electronic Visa

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There is a from that if you apply before your arrival it speed up your process. Sometimes it takes 3 hours or more to get you visa on arrival so it is better to do your visa application before coming to iran. iT is so easy to apply.

Follow these steps to get Online Visa:

  1. Fill the Online Visa Application form.
  2. Upload a recent color photo. photo requirements 
  3. Upload the first two pages of your passport. For passport requirements
  4. There will be confirmation email, so check your mailbox.
  5. There is a payment link in your confirmation email, to pay the visa fee.

submitting your online visa application is the FIRST STEP. Some visa applicants will need to attend a visa interview in the consulate, and  some applicants may qualify for a visa without interview. You should wait until your application pass all required processing during  10 business days. You may check your application status .

Also you will receive emails if your status change. 

Good Luck. and if you had any questions do not hesitate to ask IranDestina team

Iran Flag
Iran Flag

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